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CSQA Certified Software Quality Analyst


The CSQA certification entails an aggressive educational program that tests the level of competence in the principles and practices of quality assurance and control in the Information Technology (IT) profession. These principles and practices are defined by the Certification Board as the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK).

As the IT industry becomes more competitive, management must be able to distinguish professional and skilled individuals in the field when hiring. Certification demonstrates a level of understanding in carrying out software testing principles and practices that management can depend upon. Acquiring the designation of CSQA indicates a professional level of competence in software quality assurance. CSQAs become members of a recognized professional group and receive recognition for their competence by businesses and professional associates, potentially more rapid career advancement, and greater acceptance in the role as advisor to management.


Course Overview


This course has been designed specifically to prepare the software quality professionals for the CSQA examination. This course provides a background of the IT QA fundamentals and also includes the more advanced concepts, which the Certified Software Quality Analyst must understand.

Although this is a fast track course, it will thoroughly cover the software quality “concepts” to enhance understanding for those professionals interested in becoming proficient as a software quality analyst.

Our experience instructor has over 20 years IT industry experience with professional qualifications in different areas including

Course Duration

24 hours in 8 sessions

Course Schedule

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Course Fee

HKD 7,180

Language of Instruction

Cantonese, supported with English terms

The Exam


To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must meet ONE of four prerequisites listed below:

1. A 4-year degree from accredited college-level institution & 2 years experience in the information services field

2. A 3-year degree from accredited college-level institution & 3 years experience in the information services field

3. A 2-year degree from accredited college-level institution & 4 years experience in the information services field

4. Six years experience in the information services field


Are working, or have worked at any time within the prior 18 months, in the field within covered by the certification designation.

Exam Format:

Parts 1 – Multiple choice (100 questions each – objective / 75 minute time limit).

Parts 2 – Short answer / essay (12 questions each – subjective / 75 minute time limit).

There is a total of 112 questions and the exam will take over 2 1/2 hours to complete which includes an optional 10 minute break after part one. The passing mark is 70% which is the average score of both parts.

Exam Fee:

USD 350 including instant access to a PDF file of the Software Quality CBOK.


USD 420 including a CD / book of the CBOK materials (same content as found on the PDF).

Course Content

·        Skill Category 1 Quality Principles and Concepts

·        Skill Category 2 Quality Leadership

·        Skill Category 3 Quality Baselines (Assessments and Audits)

·        Skill Category 4 Quality Assurance

·        Skill Category 5 Quality Planning

·        Skill Category 6 Define, Build, Implement and Improve Work Processes

·        Skill Category 7 Quality Control Practices

·        Skill Category 8 Metrics and Measurements

·        Skill Category 9 Internal Control and Security

·        Skill Category 10 Outsourcing, COTS, and Contracting Quality